Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Why travel portal development is recommended for the start-up Travel Company?

Business is always a risk. While going for a new investment, the person can never be sure that whether he is going to get profit out of it or will be at loss. The same thought and the same dilemma goes in the travel portal start up as well. Travel industry is a field that lures the investors. Businessman thinks it is an easy investment and easy return business. Many a people try their luck in the travel business by going with a travel portal. There is no doubt in this that the business of travel is nothing without a travel portal. It is the official representation. In the earlier times when there was no online mode of communication then physical address was supposed to be the point of business but the modernity of technology has shifted the goals to online.

A well responsive travel portal is all what is required for a new investor to try his luck in the business.  Now, in consideration with the demand of the business then in accordance with the present requirement the travel portal need to be technology enabled, with all the modern means and modern services inculcated in the same. One of the very prominent requirements for the travel portals is an integrated search page for displaying the various services that are available in the website. There are two software solutions for the same one is Direct API and the second one is White Label Solution.

There is a huge difference between the investment, and both of these services almost display the same result. The  white label solution is that it displays the identical page with the other portal that opted for white label solution from the same travel portal development company. So when considering the factor of no profit and no loss and the result displayed; it always comes out to be the conclusion that white label travel portal is the best recommendation for start-up companies.

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Grow your online travel business through travel web portal website

Mostly, people look for a safe and secure career where there is guarantee of getting a promised amount as salary at the end of the month. But with present time the trend is changing. The hype to get into a 9 to 5 job is diminishing with each passing day. With the government being so helpful towards people interested in opening a start up, young people are today more interested in setting up their own business and being their own boss. They are ready to take risk and have a bright future through hard work and dedication. Therefore, more and more budding companies are making their place in the market.

Among all the sectors of business world, the travel and tourism industry is the promising one where the job is dynamic and there is a sure shot opportunity to earn big fortune. Whatever may the world economy go through yet there will be people going on vacations and travel addicts wanting to explore new places. Therefore, inflation or deflation has very little to do with this side of business. Now if you are planning to own a travel company and carry out the business successfully, your next stop is, New Delhi. This is so because they are the most trusted and oldest travel technology providing company serving their clients globally. They have a huge customer base and high reputation because of the quality service that they provide. The prices that they charge are pocket friendly and even customizable available so that everyone can afford their services.

They provide customized integration for Airline booking, Hotel booking, Bus booking, Car booking, Cruise booking, Payment gateways etc. They provide API integrated nine ranges of travel products. They will take mere 3-5 working days to set up the whole system for your company and take your business online. The best thing about is that they give special attention to every customer and therefore do not sale the same layout to everyone. Rather every customer gets an online portal that is exclusive with robust structure and all the necessary features. They also provide 24X7 support service all throughout the year with five different types of support systems.

White label travel portal has got a product called white label travel portal that is of high demand in the market. The product has all the necessary functionalities that a travel company may want in their travel portal. This is a one stop shop for all the tools that you may need to set up your portal. There have been over 70 travel companies and agents who have benefited from the products of and thus have given the travel industry a new life. Doing business online not only saves money but also helps you to invest the same in something more productive. Also, it is easier to manage the records and have happy customers. has proven to be the “friend indeed” in providing technical support.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

How white label travel portal Has Been Helping Travel Agents to Grow business

It has been 5 years and since the day of inception, has come into market with the vision to let others grow in business with their help. provides travel technologies to their clients. In old times it was practiced that for a long tour one needed to visit the travel agent’s office and then the travel agent would go to airport or railway station to make the bookings. But with advancement in technology and everything going online, travel portals have come into market and have been immediate favorites of people. But the travel companies or rather the travel agents who have not been able to cope with the change and adapt to the advancement in technology feel left out and their business suffer losses. helps all of them to be a part of the modern race and grow their business amazingly.

Till date, has handled over thousands of projects serving 1000+ clients who are all travel agents or people related with the travel agency business. They have all been immensely benefited from the service provided by since the quality of product is unmatchable to any other in the market. has provided end to end online business services and helped the clients to set up their business and provide them all sorts of support onsite, offsite and online. Be it developing customized online travel portal or integrating third party XML or API based service, is an expert in all fields. They have given shape to some of the best and most complex projects lending it a new dimension. has an excellent workforce at their disposal who always aims to help out the travel agents who seek their services. Over the years the numerous products developed by have helped these travel agents give a new look to their websites and bring forth a change in their business. They have seen growth in profit and gained popularity among their customers. These online portals not only help them fetch better business but also make their work smoother, secure and easier. Since everything is going online and therefore data is stored in server therefore there is very thin chance that any data may get lost. Also, it becomes possible for them to attend to more and more customers because they can handle business with a few clicks which saves a lot of time and makes transaction easier. Just a few clicks and all they want are done in seconds. has provided service for hotel booking portal, bus booking portal, car API integration, payment gateway integration and many more. With time being a scare thing, many people find it easier and more hassle free if they can reach the travel agents online without having to spare any extra time. This means huge growth in business if you have a working online travel portal and in most cases it is from

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Get Best Travel Portal Development with User Friendly Travel Website Design

In today’s world, there are a gazillion sites available which eases the hassle of booking, reserving and confirming flight tickets, railway booking and hotel bookings. Travel companies have now realized the fact that most of their customer base are frequent travelers and are constantly on the move. Making such tickets available at physical locations not only makes it inconvenient for the customer but also hampers customer satisfaction. In the age of technology and connectivity, customers believe that services provided at the convenience of their doorsteps, and sometimes even at their homes, is the best service. Today, every service you name for is available on the net like from shopping, to ordering food. Then why should travel be excluded from the World Wide Web. This lead to companies developing a various number of websites, known as Travel search engines, to book tickets and confirm them.

Important features of the travel portal development
Travel portals are websites that provide booking facilities to end users i.e. customers. Some of the main features included in a travel portal are:

  •     Air ticket booking – For both, domestic as well as international airlines.
  •     Hotel Bookings – For Hotel within the country and Overseas.
  •     Bus Booking – Used for booking bus tickets throughout the country.
  •     Car Booking – You can now rent a Car online using travel portals.
  •     Package and Itineraries – Select the Holiday of your choice and the travel company will do the   rest!

Travel technology companies specialize in building travel portals, and are now available for aspiring travel agencies and companies within Delhi. Travel and tourism is a rapidly growing industry in India, and the growth of this industry has exponentially increased since the past few years. This makes it extremely essential to make these services online in a user-friendly and a crisp and clear manner. Apart from travel services, Travel Website Design Company also provides travel portal consultancy service. They also provide tailor-made travel portals to our business clients and customers.

Such companies provide customized and completely optimal portal development services. The costing provided by the company is also low and is based upon the tools and accessories added by you on the portal.  They provided a good quality distribution mechanism for the travel portals with an easy graphic user interface. An added feature that is now very commonly seen in travel portals is the comparison between different companies with regards to airfare, rail booking and hotel packages. This makes it easy for the customers to select packages according to their budgets, thus giving them convenience at their fingerprints and an edge to the travel companies, over their competitors. Agents and Sub-agencies using the portal will have access to options such as soft recharge, which is normally governed by a distributor that is normally created by the portal.

We offer a range of travel and tourism features in our travel products. Apart from it we also provide additional services like SMS, payment gateways, Forex, Vouchers, confirmation slips, new business guides, and travel tips.
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Monday, 23 January 2017

Online Travel Portal for Travel Agents and Agencies with API Integration

In today’s fast growing world, smart phones are gaining a lot of importance. This has given rise to many mobile apps. Application Program Interface Integration can be used to build travel guides, maps and routes and things that help tourist locate a particular place. It also can be used to find picnic spots, landmarks, historical places, restaurants and other important places. This helps tourist to find places with just a click.

Common API’s

There are many APIs that have gained popularity in a short span of time. Few are Uber, Cleartrip, Wego etc. These API’s merge with Google maps, TripAdvisor to enhance their help people travel all around the world. Mainly these travel sites provide reviews and opinions about the place of visit, food, and other attractions. This helps the tourist make a booking without using much of time.

Travel API Integration

Travel API integration helps in merging all the modes of travel under one particular head. It helps tourist make online reservations and bookings through the internet. Travel API integration helps in booking tickets without making any error. We believe in providing our customers with a unique model that help them find what they require within a short span of time. When a tourist is searching for a particular holiday destination, he need not go visit a travel agent. He can sit in the comfort of his home and by using our site he can view the destinations of his choice. He can also make a hotel reservation seeing the availability of rooms.

We provide an end to end solution when it is about travel. A tourist can tell us his/her requirements and the bookings can be made. We are not only confined to booking or travel and stay but we also provide services like travel portal consultancy and travel recharge portal development.

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